Collaborating Nationally to Serve Thousands
With and through our Got Your 6 Network—the largest national nongovernmental network of organizations and stakeholders supporting veterans’ wellness—we provided services to our military and veteran community in physical and mental health, employment and education, housing stability, and food insecurity. We also addressed urgent needs through our emergency grants for Hurricane Ian recovery.
All told, we invested over $8 million in 147 organizations and support services for over 52,000 of our nation’s veterans, service members, their families and caregivers. Through our financial investments and capacity-building opportunities—in person and online—we shared best practices and innovative solutions with others nationwide. To build expertise in the military and veteran service sector, we published guidance on: 
We hosted dozens of webinars on topics including suicide prevention in the military and homelessness among veterans, and a discussion on the benefits of psychedelics and mental health. With support from the American Bar Association, we distributed a manual on discharge upgrades for service members. 
From our pilot Got Your 6 Summit to our inaugural VetFest, our first Got Your 6 Network contest, and a USA Wheelchair Football Tournament, we went big and nationwide. Cumulatively, we brought together and provided expertise to thousands to build greater awareness of our service members’ and veterans’ needs, to define opportunities for better efficiency, and identify solutions. 
As we look to 2023 and beyond, we will continue to take advantage of every opportunity to demonstrate to our veterans and military families that we have their 6. As we have shown, when opportunities to do so don’t exist, we will create them.​​​​​​​